Location: Les Saints, Guadeloupe

Today the crew of Argo was awoken to a beautiful sunrise above the hills of Guadeloupe. After a delicious breakfast of chocolate croissants we all mustered in the salon for a stimulating marine biology class with Professor Faloon about marine micro-organisms. Learning about the abundant microscopic life that we immerse ourselves in everyday was very interesting. Our introduction to the Professional Skipper and Crew Training, with Steve and Al, immediately followed. The shipmates who are participating in this course are beyond excited to take on the challenge. Argo was prepped, the anchor was raised, and we were off to yet another new destination, Les Saints, located off the southern tip of Guadeloupe. Heading South down the coast of this mountainous island we experienced calm winds and even calmer seas, yet as we approached the Canal des Saints the wind whipped up and provided an exciting ride to finish off the four hour motor-sail. As we were approaching the islands Captain Steve launched an impromptu Man Overboard Drill. Quick to their feet, the shipmates launched the dinghy and had the life ring retrieved in less than 8 minutes. Not too bad for our first real drill. Upon our arrival some much needed showers and laundry were done before another scrumptious dinner of seafood stir-fry. Currently deckies are scrubbing, gophers are gophering, and everyone is getting ready to settle down and watch an episode of Discovery Channels Life. Just another day in the life aboard Argo!