Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

This morning, we were given the privilege to sleep in a much needed extra 15 minutes in the morning. Breakfast, however, was still served promptly at 7:30, and immediately after that, the entire boat participated in Boat Appreciation, a fun activity where we as a whole gave back to Argo for seeing us safely this far. She was scrubbed thoroughly from bow to stern, sails were re-flaked to look pristine, the deck cleaned of rust stains, and the hull was thoroughly scrubbed. Below decks, the salon and galley were cleaned and reorganized, and the cabins were cleaned and swept out. Once this was done, lunch was served, and after that we were allowed a wonderful time SCUBA diving in the Jacques Cousteau Marine Park, where the fish were vibrant, and several enthusiastic divers hi-fived the statue of Jacques located 35 feet underwater. During the diving, though, many on deck were able to watch the consequences of lazy habits as a boat anchored nearby, without a watch, dragged anchor and started drifting away, leaving Al, Casey, and Captain Steve to pull a daring recovery on the high seas. As the final group returned, dinner was served, and the crew themselves were thanked by us students, because without them, wed just be a bunch of mischievous young adults on a boat. A glorious dinner of lemon chicken was followed up by a double-decker cake made by Captain Steve for Jacks 19th birthday. Happy Birthday Jack! The day was finished off with Captain Steve and Al teaching Basic Seamanship, and afterwards anchor watches and sleep.