Location: Nevis

Late last night was a pretty heavy windstorm (which may or may not have been included in the last Blog Entry). All in all, the crew handled it well and nothing was damaged. Today we woke up and had a breakfast of French toast and Nutella (which made me and a few other shipmates quite happy). After breakfast, we had our MTE class where we learned about right of way rules and how they apply to both sailboats and motor boats. I did not know this before that class, but apparently, Eric is privy to some kind of Nutella smuggling ring. After class, our crew split into two groups: one went on a bike ride around the island (consisting of Brian, David, Maddy, Jessi, and Sydney) and another horseback riding (Erin, Kristen, Weston, Adam, Drea, and myself). Our horseback riding group (henceforth referred to as Team Awesome) was brought into town a little early so we decided to explore a little before we had to meet the taxi driver to bring us to the horseback riding place. Team Awesome proceeded to check out a bookstore and several other places looking for internet and adventure (but mostly internet). When the time came, we made our way back to the dock to meet the taxi driver, Barry, who brought Team Awesome to the horseback riding place. We were matched up with horses with some pretty cool names like Banjo, Noelle Gold, and Fabbiana to name a few. We went along some trails and found ourselves on the beach. We followed it for a while and went along another trail. We made a sort of U-turn and followed a different trail back to the beach and returned to the stables. David dropped by while he was cycling past after we pulled in and said hi. We returned to Barry and he picked up the cyclers from the rental place and we went out to find lunch. A large portion of our crew partook of Chinese food (which was delicious). There was a carnival in town also, so music was blasting everywhere. We returned to the ship and took our diving Final Exams. We had Summer Thanksgiving for dinner and will have an oceanography class shortly. In summary, today was awesome, that is all.