Location: Nevis

Today was another awesome day aboard Ocean Star. Since today was our first official day in Nevis, Eric had to go to customs to get us sorted and so we would be allowed to step foot on land. While he was gone, though, it was our job to show Ocean Star a lot of love and thank her for getting us to Nevis safely. After we ate breakfast, we spent the morning doing some boat appreciation. Some of us scrubbed Ocean Star’s exterior, while others worked to get the salon and galley nice and clean. It was hard work, but once done, our boat looked awesome! Once boat appreciation was finished, we had lunch, and then we got ready for our afternoon activity, the source hike. We arrived onshore at about 12:15 and waited for Barry, our taxi driver, to pick us up and take us to the hotel at the beginning of the trail. This hike is known for lots of mud, which was definitely there, and monkeys. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of us were so lucky as to see the monkeys during the hike, but that didn’t make the hike any less exciting. The trail was difficult. At least those of us who were falling along it thought so. It took us about an hour and a half to climb to the top, where we were greeted by a large pool of fresh spring water and a waterfall. The top of the hike made everything worthwhile. It was definitely nice to reach the end and as hot as we were being able to jump into that pool of freshwater. It was just the refreshment that we needed to climb back down the mountain. The hike took up most of the afternoon. When we finally finished, it was time to get back to Ocean Star and make dinner. Those of us who weren’t cooking got to enjoy shower time, which was awesome because we were all muddy and gross. But thanks to the chefs, when we were done, we had an amazing Mexican night to enjoy! This evening we are going to have another oceanography class and learn stuff. This was definitely a very fun day. Overall,l and I can only imagine the days getting better as they continue. Unfortunately, day 11 has come to an end, but I’m sure everyone is looking forward to day 12!