Location: At Sea, Dragon Island

We started our day off in Nevis. After exploring the island for the past couple of days, we were ready to sail on. After our oceanography class, we readied Ocean Star for our next passage to Dominica. We left Nevis around 9:30 and set the course for the island of Redonda. Or, as we call it, Dragon Island! The seas were a bit rough on the way, and it started pouring rain as we got ready to set anchor just off the Island. Once our sails were down, and the anchor was set, a brave group of souls, including myself, of course, got ready to swim to the island. Just to give you a mental image of Redonda, it is a small but very tall and steep island about 20 miles from Nevis. It is the site of an old mine used during the early 1900s, but the only evidence of that now is a few bricks on the cliff and a wooden hut way up near the top. Other than that, the only things on the island were huge birds that circle the island. From a distance, the birds look like dragons protecting their island. As the group of us readied to explore, lightning was flashing overhead, and the echo of thunder off the cliffs made it very pretty unnerving. We jumped in and started the swim to the shore, which was covered in huge fallen boulders and volcanic rocks. Once we made it to shore, the storm had passed, and we began exploring the coastline. There was a beautiful natural bridge, and the jagged faces of the cliffs on the beach were stunning. Kevin, our first mate, found the horned skull of a small dragon, which strangely resembled a goat. After we explored the island some more, we started to head back. On the way, we saw a ton of fish, including some huge barracuda that was at least 4 feet long. Once we got back from our perilous journey, we had our usual showers on deck and set sail once again. We have been sailing on purely wind power since, and it is an awesome feeling. The night passages are very enjoyable. The amount of stars you can see on a clear night in the open ocean is incredible. We should be in Dominica by mid-afternoon tomorrow. It looks like we will have smooth sailing tonight and beautiful weather tomorrow.