Location: At Sea/Dominica

Today was pretty mellow. We continued our journey to Dominica through watch teams and arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon. The islands stole our wind sometime around 2 a.m. this morning so we had to start up the motor. As usual watch teams had an awesome time laughing about mirages during bow watch and the interesting things one says in the middle of the night. There were clear skies throughout the night, so while passing Montserrat, a volcanic island, we could see the smoke and ash falling… and smell the sulfur. Along our voyage we spotted dolphins that quickly became bored with us due to the lack of speed and current lines that were pretty pronounced. After arriving in Dominica, Casey jumped into the water to tie up to the mooring ball and Eric began going through customs. Given more responsibility today, we began making the boat de-passagified. With sail covers on inside out and runaway dinghy’s we put up more shade than usual and began a small boat appreciation. Torrential downpours of rain cleaned the decks and some shirts, but the real cleaning of clothes happens tonight. Our laundry is going out and we are going to be so fresh and so clean!!!! Dinner made for some interesting conversations on cloud formations and French candies. Oceanography class will be underway soon.