Location: Les Saints

We woke up to another clear day surrounded by the mountains and cliffs of Portsmouth, Dominica. We had a quick breakfast and even quicker clean up session because we couldn’t wait to set sail.Everyone did their part to efficiently prepare the boat for sea and before we knew it we were ready to go.We hoisted the main sail and sailed off the anchor.We set a course for Les Saints, which is part of Guadeloupe, and said our final farewells to the beautiful Dominica.As we watched Dominica shrink into the sea behind us, we began to see Les Saints tower on the horizon. We settled into our watch teams for the remainder of the 25-mile trip.We had plenty of wind which made for a GREAT sail!We arrived just after lunch time and had our MTE class where we learned compass corrections and continued learning how to navigate using paper charts.After class we wanted to show Ocean Star how much we appreciate her bringing us safely to Les Saints so we gave her a nice scrub to get all of the salt off her.And to top it all off, tonight we have Marine Biology class where we will be learning about fish reproduction and behavior.