Location: Martinique

Bonjour tout les mondes!

Surprise, it’s me Selin again. As the job wheel has changed, I have the privilege to write another blog again. Hope all is well. How is the weather around the world? I bet you it’s not as warm as here in sunny Martinique.

This morning, I took the first anchor watch from 67 a.m., and I was greeted by the most beautiful sunrisefirst impressions of Martinique: very beautiful and quiet. I can’t wait to discover more tomorrow. I don’t want to spoil much about tomorrow, but it includes a volcano.
After watch back to bed, I went to enjoy some more sleep until 9 a.m., since we do late wake-ups after night passages. We were woken up by Drew, who thought he was skipper. I am very sorry, Drew. You’re a great skipper, but the wheel makes the rules 🙂
As head chef and sous chef, we had the energetic and fun kitchen crew Allie J and Corinne, who served yogurt and cereal for breakfast. Once breakfast was all cleared up, it was time for another great BA (boat appreciation) day. Around this time of the trip, clean clothes can become quite rare, so we were quite happy to freshen up the slowly murky-smelling bunks. I was selected DJ of today’s BA, so I quickly jumped into my new position and blasted some tunes ranging from techno to Bruno Mars. Let’s just say with some tunes and a good crew, BA becomes very fun. Especially with Allie J and K as our main vocalists. The girls killed it. With BA getting done, we got some time to cool off in the waters of Martinique. Watch out for the currents, though, because you will end up next to another boat if you don’t look around. To be honest, when you jump off the bow and let yourself drift along the boat until you reach the ladder, it feels more like a lazy river, and it becomes very enjoyable. I would highly recommend but with caution 😉 (don’t worry, we had a swim line out in case we drifted too far)

Uhh, before I forget, for lunch, chef Allie J served some yummy BLTs.

Having cooled off in the lazy ocean, it was time for a marine biology lecture on coral reefs with Meghan whoop whoop! Once again, we learned about how important corals are for our survival. Protect our reefs, everyone!

As soon as class ended, it was already time for a cheeky little boat shower as we watched the sunset on the stern of Ocean Star. Shortly after, dinner was served by the duo Corinne and Allie J. We had some pasta with chicken and tomato sauce with some amazing garlic bread and a salad. Thanks, girls!
If you’ve been following the blog for some time, you already know what time it is: Squeeze time.
The squeeze question of today was: if you could go back to a moment in the past that you have lived, which moment would that be?

Now it’s getting quite late over here, and I have some studying for marine Bio to do before going to bed to get a good load of sleep before the adventure tomorrow.

I wish everyone a great day and a Happy Halloween!

See ya next time!


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