Location: St. Lucia

Hello everyone!

Hope all is well out there! It’s day 40 on Ocean Star. This means we’ve completed half of our voyage. Crazy how time flies, almost as quickly as our sail from the Pitons in the south of St. Lucia to Rodney in northern St. Lucia. But I’ll get to that part in a sec.
Let’s recap:
The clouds were hanging down low this morning as we had to say goodbye to Guigo. It was extremely emotional, and group morale was quite low. Guigo, we all miss you a lot, Buddi. Please send us some Sao Paulo updates!

After brekkie, we quickly took up the anchor and started our 3-hour passage to Rodney Bay to load up on some fuel and for a little bit of shore day (snacks were running low on O-Star, so we were all eager to raid the closest supermarket).
To boost team morale a little while we were motoring up north, we all huddled up in the saloon to watch Captain Ron.

Having arrived in Rodney Bay, we grabbed our shoes and grocery lists and headed into the marina close by, which had a few shops, a lovely cafe with delicious paninis, and, to top things off, a pizzeria. Mom and Dad, I finally got new sunglasses, so there is no need to worry about my eyes anymore 😉

As Freddie picked us up from the dinghy dock by the marina, it started pouring down on usgreat timing to start passage prep for Martinique. Luckily, after being on lovely O-Star for 40 days now, we all have learned our ways around the ropes, and the boat was ready to go in no time. See the great teamwork in the pictures above (all were definitely not staged). Before pulling up anchor, though, we had one more very important task: putting away the provisions Heather had bought throughout the day. Thank you, Heather! Let me tell you, just when you think there is no more space for foods like condiments, etc., another little cabinet mystically appears. The saloon and the galley are like black holes. I really don’t get it.

As the final veggie was stored in the fridge, it was time to raise anchor and set sail towards Martinique! Now, I may be a little biased, but watch team 1 (Alaina, Amelia, Miguel, Drew, and I) definitely had the best watch of the night. We got into the spooky season by telling each other real-life spooky stories as we were guided through the cloudy night by the full moon. Now, the other watch teams sadly didn’t get the same experience as we did since it apparently started pouring on them, filling up the cockpit with a few inches of water. Luckily, our brave crew of watch team 2 and 3 brought us safely to our Anchorage here in Martinique. As the anchor ball was raised up and the boat put to bed, it was bon nuit time for the O Star crew, even if it was just for a few hours.

With that, I am signing off today from the beautiful O-Star in St.Lucia! Probably should check that all the hatches are closed so we don’t get washed up in our beds.

Thank you for joining in again!


Hallo familia, wie geht es euch?Fuehlt euch von mir gedrueckt. Fotos kommen, fest versprochen. Cutie ich wuensche dir eine tolle Woche und ganz viel Spass in der Uni! Das ist ein Publik announcement, der Hausarzt wartet auf dich 🙂 Ich hab euch ganz ganz dolle lieb!!!