Location: Samut Prakan, Thailand

In just the past two weeks big things have happened in Thailand for Argo and her shipyard crew. For the staff, dive instructor certifications have been completed, visa runs to Malaysia have been flown and college diplomas have been received. For the boat, her deck is now draped in camouflage-like tarps that hang a few feet above the deck to protect the Thai workers from the intense sun. For us non-Thai individuals it involves hours of walking the deck crouched over to avoid the sunshade and wishing we were about 2 feet shorter. The shipyard period for Argo is in full swing. Every nook and cranny has been scrapped and re-scrapped to remove all rust. Down below all portholes have been removed, cleaned thoroughly and sealed back into place. After days of scrubbing, the stove is cleared of months worth of bacon grease. To the untrained eye Argo may look dirty and better used than it did a few weeks prior, but to us now shipyard folk every bit of rust flying through the air makes her look all the better.