Location: Samut Prakan, Thailand

It is amazing to think Argo has circumnavigated the globe, and she currently sits just a few hundred feet from where she was built three years ago. Each rust streak on the deck represents thousands of salty nautical miles and the crews that have sailed this beloved schooner. Argo has seen places all over the globe and so has a captain that after years of sailing with Sea|mester is finally sailing farewell. Boomer spent seven months of his life, three years ago, assisting in the building of Argo. Over the past few years he has captained the circumnavigation except for two legs of the journey. He has spent many hours in the engine room, enjoying the rev of the engine and the self-sufficiency of mending the problems that arise. He has guided not only Argo but also Ocean Star into hundreds of ports and anchorages flawlessly, and now he passes over the helm as Argo once again sits on the hard before beginning another circumnavigation.