Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Our day started off with a delicious breakfast prepared by Kevin and Beth. Following breakfast, we had a quick cleanup and went right into our first class of the day, in which we learned about the cell in Marine Biology. After that, we had our very first meeting for Student Leadership Development. We packed lunches and headed ashore for biking around the Island. We headed back over to the bike shop right next to Barbs touch tanks and rented ten bicycles. The road started off flat and easy cycling, but it soon changed as we got to the foot of Zion hill. It was all uphill until we reached our lunch stop at a local grocery store and snack shop. After a little break from the vigorous trip, we headed back on our way as we were only half done! It was downhill from there and easy cycling all the way to Charlestown and back to the bike shop. We were picked up by Kevin in Irving and Exy and headed back for showers and passage preparation as we are leaving tomorrow to head to Grenada. Following dinner was our last class of oceanography before our departure, followed by an early bedtime.