Location: Underway to St. Lucia

We’re sailing! After many days of very little wind or none at all, we finally have enough to sail at about 7 knots. We’re all hoping that the wind keeps up for our next day or two until we get to St. Lucia. Today was productive with an Oceanography quiz followed by a PSCT class. Now, people are cramming in last minute changes to their Oceanography papers due tomorrow, so some people won’t be getting a lot of sleep tonight. Otherwise, everyone’s enjoying the wind;except for Larry Bird. With the extra rocking, he’s been rolling all over the deck. Even though half the crew thinks he’s a nuisance, he has been the topic of most conversations on board. Sam has even been trying to teach him to remember how to fly by throwing him overboard. Surprisingly, he does remember and just flies to the other side of the boat.

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