Location: Underway to St. Lucia

Today, I awoke for my three to six watch like a number of my fellow shipmates, rolled out of bed (literally), put my PFD on and climbed up the companionway, and felt a strong breeze on the back of my head. Oh, how the reliable trade winds have indeed filled in! Standing watch is much nicer when while sitting in the cockpit trying to make conversation in the early hours of the morning, the loud rumbling noise of the engine is absent, and the sound of the mainsail luffing a tad or the crash of the waves being split in half by Argo’s salty bowsprit is heard instead. Today was certainly a day of sailing. We were constantly reminded of this when we had to endure the rocking during class today, which we had not had to tolerate for a long while. The plan is to reach the north tip of St. Lucia by first light, turn the corner, and anchor on the west side of the island by noon. The reason that we all came on this three-month adventure is finally, yet unfortunately, coming to an end. But I’m sure that everyone will enjoy a nice cocktail when we reach the sandy beaches of the Caribbean.