Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

At about 0230 this morning, we sighted the first lights of land on the other side of the ocean we have been sailing across for the last two weeks. The dimly lit but definitely their lights of Martinique were there as we finished our watch. The green hills of St Lucia wouldn’t be visible until the sun came up. The morning continued, and we cleaned Argo up as we motored down the west coast to moor in Soufriere. After a big BA to get the boat back to its sparkling self, people were busy finishing off their OCE research projects for the presentations tonight and tomorrow. We have a mere two weeks left of the trip, and it’s going to be busy, so with a quiet sleep planned tonight, we polished off the raisin bread Jesse made and got ready for some research diving with the SMMA tomorrow. And it is with a slightly sad farewell that we will great the end of Movember tomorrow. Many of the gents on board are sporting supper soup strainers and handlebars with a telemarketer thrown in for good luck. Although I think I will be looked at more favorably clean-shaven and certainly cooler.