Location: St. Lucia

Today was an exciting day. Waking up to see almost everyone awake and moving about the boat without a wake-up was a good omen of things to come. Without a provision since we started across the Atlantic, breakfast was simply scrambled eggs and biscuits. Today was a busy day and after cleanup from breakfast, the schedule for the day immediately came into effect. There was diving to be done, and everyone was excited. Chantale, Captain Boomers wife, was back and needed help gathering sediment cores of the ocean floor, and we were going to help her. The crew was broken up into three groups and as one group dove, the others had shore time. Groups one and two dove today, on either side of lunch and group three will go tomorrow. On top of that, the advanced open water divers made it through their deep dive today in 94 feet of water and passed without any problems (ironically the dive master in training [Me] kind of let go of the bottle filled with pressurized air and lost it ruining a surprise that Sam the instructor had planned [woops]). After diving came lunch, after that, we dispersed and some of us went to shore while the other group went diving. Town was like the Cape Verde Islands and the people were very friendly, and everywhere you look there would be someone there smiling and trying to sell you a carved piece of wood, Despite this however some of us found a very nice cafe which had a piano and while we sat having cold drinks one of the group (Head) serenaded us with his extremely impressive musical talent. When we rejoined the rest of the crew onboard Argo, we took showers and prepared dinner which was Spaghetti and meat sauce. Now we are going to have the last of the science presentations, and than I will take my final dive master exam on physics, wish me luck

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