Location: Green Island, Antigua

Today began bright and early with a dip in the bright blue water of the Caribbean Sea for a pre-breakfast swim test. For those non-certified divers, this was only the beginning of a day filled with splashing about. Back into the water, they jumped to continue working on their newly acquired diving skills. It may only be the second day these thirteen people have made bubbles underwater, but they are already showing great promise. From removing their masks underwater to practicing fin pivots, they will quickly be diving like pros all over the Caribbean. While the newbie’s dove, the already certified divers took in the surreal landscape of the anchorage from the sandy shores of Green Island. When the groups were not busy frolicking in the sun, they practiced line handling by setting the forward staysail and the mainsail. Although we remained at anchor during the whole procedure, the anticipation for tomorrow night’s inaugural sail is all the more apparent in the crew.