Location: Grenada

Hi Everyone!

We made it to Grenada! After a long few days of sailing, we finally pulled in around six this morning. The day started slow as we all attempted to catch up on some much-needed sleep. We ate passage breakfast and took a much-needed swim, although many people slept up until lunch. After Olivia’s delicious tofu poke bowls, we moved on to the main event of the day: boat appreciation. We took full advantage of having the ability to use some fresh water from a dock to tackle today’s task, giving Ocean Star a much-needed scrub-down! With hoses, brushes, and sponges in hand, we were ready to take on whatever grime and dirt came our way. We spent the better part of the afternoon scrubbing and wiping, and the improvements on deck are astonishing. But, even more than that is the transformation the saloon went through. Some may use the word dirty, but I think the most descriptive word is carnage. Below deck was carnage during the rocking and rolling around of passage. Everything from our bunks to our cubbies, to the galley cabinets, and the floor of the head got a deep cleaning. Our dirty laundry was sent away, and the smells that came with it and our bunks returned to a pristine state. Even the Focsle girls have the off-campus housing looking fresh. After the cleaning, it feels as though we can all breathe a little better. With only one last cleaning task to finish, polishing the binnacle (which will take the better part of the semester), we are feeling ready for all that is to come. Everyone onboard is giddy with excitement to explore a new place, as we are looking forward to putting our feet on Grenada soil in just a few short days!