Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today was a day of nonstop cleaning called BA, or “boat appreciation. Despite the vexation that cleaning usually brings about in me, I found that I enjoyed working with the rest of the crew, removing rust from the metal, and scrubbing clean the gunnels. We put on some music, we had some fun, and soon it felt like no time at all had past and the work was done. It feels as though the boat is cleaner today than any other day since I first stepped aboard. After BA, the portion of the crew who had elected to take part in the rescue diver course had mandatory EFR training or Emergency First Responder training. We learned or relearned in some cases, the steps one must take in order to respond to a life-threatening emergency. Though it was very similar to what I was constantly taught throughout my life in Boy Scouts, it was nice to receive a refresher. It’s interesting to know how the response to emergency changes when in the water from what one would normally do on land. For instance, chest compressions for CPR wouldn’t work in water, as the victim would simply be pushed down below the waves, so it is more important to get the person out of the water than to do CPR in that situation.

I look forward to tomorrow when we’ll be leaving the boat to swim with stingrays.