Location: Dominica

We woke up early today, a little groggy but mostly excited, for our second hike in three days. We met up with Pancho, who drove us and a neighboring yacht’s passengers to the beginning of the hike. Our bags were packed with bread, peanut butter and jelly, and two bags of eggs. Now, it may sound weird that we brought two bags of raw eggs up a mountainous hike, but it was the opportunity of a lifetime to eat a hardboiled egg that had been cooked in a sulfurous spring. Even the kids who don’t like hardboiled eggs concurred that it was the best-tasting eggs they’d ever had. As the eggs cooked, Pancho smeared some mud on our faces, and we goofed off for a while before eating the eggs and pressing on. The mud dried as we hiked, and we washed it off in a hot spring. The hot spring was beautiful; it had three waterfalls, and we frolicked about trying to decide which one was the best/warmest. Once we were done rinsing our faces off, we climbed onwards to the boiling lake through the valley of desolation. The lake itself was enormous and beautiful, boiling far below us. After having lunch there, we hiked back to the taxi and climbed inside, ready to get back to Ocean Star for dinner and a night out at Dive Dominica. Dive Dominica had a buffet of a tuberous soup and jerk ribs ready for us as we pulled up. It was a relaxing evening for us after such a long hike and a nice way to end a great day.