Location: Dominica

Today began with a typical morning wake-up and breakfast of cereal. As soon as we were done, we set all four sails and made our way north to Dominica in some mildly rough seas. Watch teams took over the boat in two-hour shifts, and we made the journey in about four hours. We were pretty excited when we were able to find a mooring ball instead of anchoring for the next few days we spend here. Mooring balls mean no anchor-watch! We started our beloved boat appreciation after a quick swim to cool down from the afternoon sun. Ocean Star looked great when we were done. Brass was polished, the decks washed and waxed, tarps hung, and lines coiled, making our “mobile home” look spick and span. We then had a delicious meal of lasagna for dinner and a Marine Biology class afterward. Most will turn in early tonight as tomorrow we wake up early to hike to the only boiling lake in the world!