Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

The day started early for the crew as we dug out our hiking boots and filled our water bottles. After a light breakfast of cereal, we took to shore to meet up with our local taxi driver Alfred. He drove us up the mountain roads, and we exited his taxi in a different world. The temperature was cold (for those gone soft by Caribbean weather), and we found ourselves engulfed by the clouds. Those who decided to ignore the warnings of rain and forgot their jackets ran for cover as the skies opened up and the mountain disappeared. We began the climb under the cover of the clouds and the rain with a goal in mind but not in sight. Within the first hour, the sun was creeping in and out, and the rain ceased. When we reached the mid-way point, a few members of the group decided not to make an attempt for the summit and walked around the outer rim of the crater. Those determined to conquer Pelee pressed on and made it to the top of the Eastern Caribbean. Back at the base of the mountain, the exhausted crew were refreshed with cokes and soft drinks from the local Caf. By the time we made it back to St. Pierre and Ocean Star, it was time to prep for dinner and take showers. The evening class was Student Leadership Development, where they watched the blockbuster hit White Squall.