Location: Dominica

We started our day at 6:45 with wake-ups. As everyone got up to eat breakfast the plans for the day started to come out. Our goal was to hike to the boiling lake; its the only one in the world now, so it was an exciting thing. Cleanup went as usual and the dingy runs began as we loaded everyone and shipped each group after another to the docks. Our crew was a bit nervous for the hike, some say their legs still hurt from the hike a few days before; everybody got into two white vans and headed for the mountain. As we arrived you could smell the fresh air from the forest, the breeze blowing the leaves and the cool chill of the anticipating rain. As the group began the hike all you could think about was how sweaty you were and all the water droplets falling off your face. The hike began, as we started walking you thought to yourself this isn’t that hard, we kept walking the sweat started to build and we kept walking. The slopes got steeper the solid ground changed colors from brown mud to a special orange yellow color. It felt as if you where walking up a 30 story building in New York City, the ones with steps and steps. The steps didn’t stop you could be high up and continue to walk and they would start up again. As we reached one of the peaks all you could feel was the wind, the moist air and the smell of the sulfur vents that were at the bottom of the valley. Its was a special exercise that we all shared. Once at the bottom of the valley we found these warm hot spring pools where the temperature was as if boiling , you could shove your hands in the ground and feel the warmth. After the pools we carried on our hike back towards the bottom, we made the steep hike up the mountain that we had come down just hours previously, once we had reached the top it was the most refreshing feeling. Although the hike down felt much longer than the way up it was very calming making the hike down all you could hear was the wind blowing through the trees and the smell of the earth, I was quite rewarding. Once we had reached the bottom it was still very hot so we went swimming in a waterfall and then made our way back to the vans to come home to our loving boat Argo. The day went on with shower time, followed by one of the best dinners I have tasted in a long time. The barbeque was out of this world. We ate dinner at the dive shop where they made a great barbeque chicken wings, ribs, potatoes bread salads and pasta salad, it was unreal. We finished the night with a couple of drinks.