Location: Cape Town, South Africa

This morning had started out like every other morning aboard Argo so far. We woke around the time of 0630, prepared for the day, and made our way to the deck for breakfast cereal. Only this morning, we had received the news we’d been anxiously awaiting for the past couple of days when we were to leave Cape Town and begin our voyage across the Atlantic. Our captain, Dan, informed me this morning that today was our last day in Cape Town and that we were to gather our dock lines and make way for Antigua tomorrow morning, not long after first light. After breakfast, we had a class introducing all the equipment we have onboard for doing Intellectual Student Projects (ISPs) during our semester on the sea. Following the class, we set out on a trip to a local aquarium, which turned out to be much larger than we had expected. Previously estimated to wander the aquarium at our heart’s desire for roughly an hour, we found ourselves and our curious minds intrigued and entertained till we finally had to leave for lunch. Due to defective refrigerator issues, some of us had sandwiches aboard while others wandered for lunch ashore. Though I can confidently say that I’ve enjoyed my time in Cape Town and appreciating Argo for all her splendor, I’m glad that we are finally starting our long journey on an adventure we are surely not soon to forget.