Location: Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia

Our day in Pulau Pangkor was shorter than expected as the conditions did not allow for the planned dives, and we were thus moving to the next Island, Pulau Paya, in the afternoon. The day, however, started out with a general clean-up of the boat as the rain left a black layer of dirt all over Argo. Due to the great effort of the crew doing a good job, we finished early before lunch, allowing us to move forward to the highlight of the day: the boom swing. This fun event was set up by topping the boom high up, securing it, and attaching a line to hold on during the swing. Everyone enjoyed climbing up, grabbing the rope, feeling the acceleration when jumping off the boat, and the free fall when letting the rope go and jumping into the water. After lunch, half of the crew continued jumping off the boat. The rest set off to go ashore to enjoy the beach of Pulau Pangkor one last time. Back at the boat, we got ready to go. For the first time in weeks, we really got to sail without running the engine so that everyone was looking forward to a pleasant passage to Pulau Paya, only 115 miles away along the Malaysian coast to the north.