Location: Underway to Elba, 42*49.35'N 10*28.23'E

After an exhausting day yesterday, we all rallied for a full day of sailing. It’s only day eight and our ability to ‘rally’ has already improved exponentially. The Italian coast line was so incredible that we seized the day and decided to do an impromptu photo shoot of the magnificent Argo. We raised all six sails for the first time, so Argo was looking her best. We sailed past the towns we hiked yesterday as Matt’s space-age quad-copter took aerial shots of Argo and her crew. By about midday we rapped up and made way for Elba. It was about an eighteen hour passage so we broke up into our watch groups and started our three hours on, six hours off, watch schedule. During the first watch there was not only great wind but some dolphin sightings. The wind only continued to pick up as the day went on, before we knew it we were cruising at an average of seven knots. At that speed Argo was making up for the time we spent on the photo shoot but she was also rocking quite aggressively. With that came good old seasickness. About five of us were clipped onto the boat as we leaned over the side and emptied our stomachs. The fraise ‘boot and rally’ has become almost a mantra on Argo. Despite the handful of men down, we hustled on to Ebla. During passages, sleep is the name of the game. Whoever was off watch was getting as much sleep as possible, while the watch team on deck handled Argo. Our watch groups are slowly becoming well oiled machines. With about eight of us on each watch team we rotate between steering the helm, watching the bow, and continuously checking the boat. At about 3:15am we reached Elba. We quickly lowered the sails, anchored Argo and ran to our beloved beds. Today was defiantly jam packed but we all handled it like champs.

Sincerely the skipper of the day, Kristian.