Location: Passage to Grenada

We began our intrepid expedition earlier than expected and made way for Grenada. Near Enough has a small fuel tank which meant we had to be extra conservative with fuel during this longer passage. Morale was high amongst the crew from the night out and the adrenaline that comes with passage. Nearly as soon as we got out into the open water we were able to set sail and cruised at about 6.5 knots, which eased worries about fuel. The day progressed with a steady wind and beautiful weather and we pulled in a little tuna in the afternoon. Unfortunately it was too small and the dream of sushi during passage was postponed. At around this time a respectable string of boot and rallys occured. Gabe was the first to lose his lunch and clung to the rest of his chicken caesar wrap in the process like it was his life source. Shortly thereafter Theo joined the party and began to hug the starboard lifeline as well. The two of them worked the leeward side in a well-choreographed fashion and to the rest of the crew’s delight they rallied with a smile after every boot. While he was making quesadillas for dinner, Eric decided that he felt left out and came up from the galley to join the booting with a picturesque sunset. Overall, the day was filled with hilarity and good stories and we can only hope the rest of the passage goes so smoothly and that the booters get their sea legs.