Location: Passage to Grenada

Our second day of passage started out with a glorious sunrise for watch team number 2, followed by a morning of motoring for lack of wind. After lunch, we stopped to swim, and shower, which rid us of the last remnants of seasickness and generally raised the morale. A little later, the weather started to shake up, and the minute we unfurled the sails, the mainsail’s head broke off the halyard, and the wind pulled the luff out of the mast. Everyone lept up to secure the furler and the sail, and the excitement got our adrenaline pumping, but it meant that the jib would be our only sail until the weather calmed down enough to go up the mast and retrieve the halyard and until we sewed the head of the sail again. Our next adventure came when we saw two magnificent orcas swimming around and right alongside Near Enough, and even Boomer was as giddy as a schoolboy. After the orcas, we feasted on Mark’s delicious meatloaf as nighttime set in with a few squalls. We were gradually running out of fuel, but the foul weather prevented us from making a dinghy run to Ocean Star for more. We finished the night braving the rain and waiting for morning to get more diesel.