Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day began in Spanish Town. I woke to the smell of breakfast burritos and jumped to my duties as skipper of the day. This job requires maximum concentration and elbow greasemy first task: picking the morning song for every other Ocean Star inhabitant to wake to. After considering driving my peers out of bed with a harsh screamo track, I chose instead a soothing song that brought everyone into the day with a smile. They were grateful. Day Five’s schedule consisted of two main things: going over safety drills in the morning and diving all afternoon. For many of us, today was our first open water dive! After getting through clumsy yet hilarious Gumby (survival) suit races on deck, we were anxious to see what the underwater world would reveal. We ran through our drills, passed with flying colors, motored over to Mountain Point, and ate lunch after anchoring. A particular highlight of today occurred when Brandon knocked his bowl off of the deck and had to quickly jump overboard to retrieve it. The bowl was saved and is currently recovering in the galley. The afternoon dives plunged us (pun intended) into a whole new way of learning. We saw many different kinds of fish, an array of colorful coral, and held an underwater dance party. We also discovered the endlessly amusing game of popping each other’s air bubbles underwater. After returning to Ocean Star, taking some sea-showers, and having Captain Jack’s spaghetti Bolognese, we are all exhausted from a fun full day, but ready for Ivy’s Intro to Oceanography class this evening. We all agree this was the best day yet!