Location: 15,38.9S 6,22.9W

And we’re off! After waking up and enjoying our last bowl of cereal for the next two weeks, the crew of Argo set about preparing for our next passage to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. With a check-list to get through, the deck was soon bustling with people securing dinghies, attaching halyards, and removing sail covers. Accompanied by splashing dolphins, we made quick work of our check-list. Raising anchor around 11:00, we set sail and were soon on our way west.

After a lunch of pasta salad and freshly baked bread, we sat down for the first marine biology exam with mixed emotions. Thankfully, we all survived the exam, and many of us then took a quick power-nap before our leadership class. Put into our newly assigned watch teams, we worked together to build structures out of pasta, playdough, and tape to hold up a gummy bear. After much debate, the newly formed watch team three was declared victorious. Climbing up onto deck after class for deck showers, we were all surprised to find St. Helena had disappeared on the horizon.

At tonight’s post-dinner squeeze, there was a resounding appreciation for being back out on the water and excitement for the beginning of a new passage. We then got to celebrate Brittany’s birthday with marble cake and an incredible sunset. Some of us even managed to see the green flash as the sun slipped below the horizon! With night-watches starting up again tonight, we are all falling back into the familiar pattern of boat checks, bow watches, and turns on the helm. Today was yet another great day and the exciting beginning of the next part of our adventure!

PSA: Some students had told their parents their watch team numbers when we had wifi in St. Helena; as of today, those watch teams have changed so that number may not be correct anymore.

Meghan, I hope you had a great birthday yesterday, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be there to celebrate!! Sending love and hugs!
To my family and friends, I miss and love you all and can’t wait to catch-up with you from Brazil. (p.s. I’m now on watch team 3)