Location: Dominica

Today the staff decided to wake us up with a fire drill at 7 in the morning. After we succeeded to get everyone together in 3 minutes we broke up into our jobs to get breakfast ready. The chefs had it easy today with cereal in the morning and having lunch and dinner off. Around 7:45 we started dingy runs to shore to go on a tour of the island with our tour guide named SeaCat. After all 14 of us crammed into a van we started our tour of the Island. Through out our tour we stopped along the road to collect numerous varieties of fruit. We started off with cocoa beans and sugar cane. It was extremely entertaining to see every ones reactions to these fruits as they ate them for the first time. As we moved forward with our tour we saw first hand the culture and the beautiful wildlife. We stopped at a few of our tour guides peers and were able to experience the making of popular foods. While watching a sting ray being prepared to cook we saw Bread fruit cooked the traditional way. T he fruit is put into the fire and cooked until black. After you scrape the charcoal off you cut the fruit into pieces and enjoy. For an exceptional treat after the bread fruit we were offered passion fruit with sugar on top with fresh coca mixed with sugar as well. During the second half of our day we hiked to two different waterfalls. When we arrived at the first waterfall we noticed it was shaped as a small pool. Half of our group went swimming while the other half took pictures and enjoyed the scenery. At the second waterfall we realized we were unable to complete the whole hike due to the increase of water levels this summer. We were still all able to enjoy the hot water of the spring while watching two beautiful waterfalls. We wrapped up the day by coming back to the boat with a couple new fruits to enjoy during the mornings and started to get ready to go out to dinner. We are looking forward to having dinner on shore.