Location: Dominica

Today was another epic day for the crew of Ocean Star. Following our tour of the island with Sea Cat yesterday, the shipmates headed ashore bright and early and met up with Pancho who would be our guide to the boiling lake. After a brief taxi ride, the hike began over varied terrain, fording streams, trudging through mud, and climbing ridges. After a morning of hiking, the crew entered the valley of desolation, so named for the many sulfur vents that spew boiling gases and water into the air, creating a barren moonscape. With mud smeared faces, Pancho boiled eggs over the vents, then proceeded onwards to the lake itself. Dominica’s boiling lake is the largest in the world (it used to be second largest, but it’s chief competitor in New Zealand stopped boiling) and is powered by the release of superheated gases from geothermal vents, causing the 50m diameter lake to constantly boil, releasing a great plume of steam. On the way back from the lake, the intrepid crew braved the waters of the Titou gorge, jumping from ledges and climbing waterfalls before returning, tired but happy, to Ocean Star.