Location: Grenada

Grenada is a whole different category of Caribbean island. It’s much larger than any of the islands we’ve been to and is far enough south and out of the way of hurricanes that tons of sailboats fill all the anchorages. Today started with two lectures, biology followed by oceanography. Foofoo (Faloon) demonstrated natural selection with an exercise involving M and M’s and skittles; we were all happy to eat the candy when we finished. Then we got ourselves ready and headed out to spend the rest of the day onshore exploring the island. We took a taxi to St. George, the largest city on the island, and wandered around through all the different vendors on the streets. When we walked closer to the water, we found a restaurant with Wi-Fi and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon there. We ordered lunch, pulled out our laptops, and set up camp working on our first assignments for class. The owner of the restaurant, from Hungary, was totally puzzled by our group. After, we headed back to Ocean Star, showered, ate dinner, cleaned, and headed to the marina for a night out. We listened to the live band, danced a little, and met some of the students attending medical school in Grenada. It was a full day and we were all very excited to get in our bunks and go to sleep.