Location: Savanna Bay, BVI

Today we began with a nice healthy breakfast and an extra loud wake-up call for those who were on anchor watch last night. After that, we split into two groups – group one went for a hike to check out the windward and leeward sides of Virgin Gorda, and group two did their confined water dives 1 and 2 in the shallow water near the beach. During the hike, we got our first taste of oceanography class by talking about waves and wind and why the two sides of the island look so different, and we also did a bit of a beach cleanup to remove some of the trash that had drifted onto the windward side. Everyone who was diving practiced basic skills underwater, such as regulator removal and taking your mask off underwater. Lunch quickly came around, and we had chicken Caesar wraps. After lunch, the groups switched, and all of the certified divers did their check out, dive. Once back on board, we took our boat showers by jumping into the ocean, and Nick went on a search and rescue mission for a pair of sunglasses and a mask that had gone overboard earlier – and thankfully, he was successful! Everyone is excited to have completed their first dives of the semester and eager to get back in the water for more tomorrow.