Location: Savanna Bay, BVI

We started off the day with some delicious pancakes and good moods all around as everyone was eager to get the first snorkeling spot of the trip. The voyage to Savannah bay took about three hours, but it felt like minutes with the mesmerizing, hilly islands on all sides of you. Before we all knew it, we were anchored and prepping for our snorkeling expedition around the reef; we were anchored by. Once underwater, I was shocked by how much the underwater landscape changed, seemingly in a split second. There were underwater valleys and hills in some areas, and then suddenly it would drop so deep you couldn’t even see where the bottom was anymore. Austin and a few other lucky people were able to see a large sea turtle swimming around, which I unfortunately missed. After everyone had had their share of snorkeling, it was time to finish up the day with learning how to use the fire hose and emergency crash pump and then learning about prepping scuba dive gear and for us new divers. We get in the water with the dive gear for the first time tomorrow!