Location: Peter Island, BVI

After a quick policy meeting and safety briefing, we wasted no time in getting off the dock. Everyone was super excited to get underway and start the adventure. We slipped the lines, peeled off the dock, headed out of West End, and turned into the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The wind was fresh, and Ocean Star bobbed up and down the small waves. Shipmates were keen to explore the boat, some choosing to keep watch on the bow, others preferring the relative shelter of the cockpit. Eddy took the helm as we talked about the pirates that used to stalk these waters. Lunch was served underway, and we were able to jump in the sea as soon as we arrived at our stop for the night, Great Harbor, Peter Island. The cool salt water was very welcome and refreshing after the hot midday sun. Later, we learned more about the boat and all the systems that we will soon know how to operate. It has been fantastic meeting the other crew, and I can’t wait for the next 78 days!