Location: Underway to Christmas Island

Today was the final full day of passage between Bali and Christmas Island. During the night, the wind increased enough to shut the engine off and allow for a few hours of sailing before dying back down in the early morning. Aside from the sailing, this passage has brought the largest swell seen on the trip thus far, with swells averaging nearly 3 meters at some times.

After 25 days, the job wheel has finally completed a single rotation, giving each student some experience with the main jobs on board. Because of this, the wheel has been updated to include staff and students on the same wheel and give students new responsibilities such as head chef and bread-maker. Before reaching Gili Air, Students submitted meal plans for their day as head chef. The first day of Student-led meals was cooked by Char, who made everyone a delicious vegan lunch and dinner along with her chef team of Falk and Cooper.

Before dinner, Students began to prepare for boat prom, nicknamed “Brom.” The crew organized themselves into a group who wanted to be asked to Brom and a group who would like to ask someone. After the names were evened out, the group who wanted to ask someone took turns drawing names of other crew out of a hat. At this point, no one knows who will be going together, except the people who have drawn a name.

Argo is set to reach Christmas Island sometime tomorrow morning (the 11th) around sunrise. In the past day, we have sailed 156 nm, with 69 nm left to go on this passage.

Coordinates: 01017.36’S 10658.26’E