Location: Porto Pollo, Sardinia

Today was another day filled with scuba diving and fun in the sun! The first two groups headed out right after breakfast to finish their confined water skills. The rest of the kids relaxed down in the saloon, watching The Departed. Then we all joined back together for a delicious lunch of loaded baked potatoes. Following our meal, the other open water group hopped in the water while the rescue group practiced saving RJ off the surface. Once everyone was out of the water, I took the helm and steered the 112-foot sailing vessel, Argo, to Porto Pollo (chicken port). For dinner, we enjoyed amazing Sloppy Joe’s. However, the highlight of the day was definitely the awesome gooey, fudgy brownies with dollops of choco-chip cookies on top that we had for Maggie’s birthday! Tonight is jam-packed with introductions to MTE class, PSCT class, and study hall. Everyone is getting excited for our beach day tomorrow and to be able to set foot on land again! I hope everyone at home is doing well. Miss you all! P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!!!!

set date:2012-09-21