Location: Underway to the Azores

When the clock struck midnight, Argo’s crew was lucky enough that one of our staff members, Gabe, turned one year older. Right after watch team one’s 8 to 12 watch ended, we all sang the first of many happy birthday songs throughout the day. Whether it was birthday cards, wishes from fellow staff members, star-shaped brownies for dessert, or squeeze appreciation, we feel confident that Gabe knows we think he is one of the kindest and most caring people we have on board. As watch team 1 would say, “You are a star”!

Other than birthday wishes, this morning was quite eventful for watch team 1. Some of us (Sammy, Eddie, and me 🙂 ) spent just a little too much time in bed, and we were late for watch by a couple of minutes. We faced the ultimate punishment: tightening up the port side anchor chain for an hour. As much effort we would put in, it seemed as if the chain was not budging. It’s safe to say that we will never be late to watch it again! Nevertheless, while sitting at the bow and getting sprayed by the waves, we realized that this time was more so a bonding experience than a punishment.

This morning, as the storm died down, the crew also took down the sails and, sadly, turned our motor back on. We expect to motor the rest of the way to the Azores, but we are so glad the storm actually gave us the chance to sail Argo for some time. Plus, now we can properly claim that we not only motored across the Atlantic but SAILED.

Lunch was followed by two classes, oceanography and seamanship. We learned the final lesson of our Nav Master course, and Gabe taught us our 7th knot of the voyage. Nerves are high in this regard as our Knot Exam is in two days. Hopefully, we remember each knot and their funky names: shout out Alpine Butterfly and Clove Hitch. After class, me, Celia, and Cate made an enormous batch of brownies in celebration of Gabe. We rewarded ourselves and our laborious baking experience with spoonfuls of raw batter:)

Finally, the day ended once again with a stunning sunset. While most of us are going to enjoy our time on land to the fullest, this passage has taught us so much about Argo and ourselves. We are having so much fun, every day is full of new memories, and we can’t wait to create more. Until tomorrow!