Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Days like today remind me of why I do what I do. We began today with an early breakfast and a lot to look forward to. All morning three dive groups switched out in underwater exploration of The Rhone, a sunken wreck of a vessel, where legend tells about the remainder of souls on board. Between dives, we all spread across the entirety of the salon, practicing our chart and navigation work. With the MTE final exam imminent, deadlines for finals and actually learning this material loom in our near future. Between charting problems and diving, I could look around Argo and admire the bright blue water surrounding us. It is difficult to imagine many places more beautiful. We are a genuinely lucky bunch. After diving, we made the short motor passage to The Baths in Virgin Gorda. Looking more like a strange new world, we enjoyed the strange (and huge) rock formations on the coast that paralleled some of the most fantastic snorkeling I have ever done. The shifting of the Earth caused pressure to raise very, very, very large rocks, creating cave-like pathways between them. Bringing my camera, I tapped out of snorkeling early to go steal some less-rushed photographs of the iridescent water lit through the cracks in the rocks. However, as I rounded the corner, one of the students runs up, urging me to come quick! One of our beloved students, Jake, had dislocated his shoulder. As I ran back, I felt almost unnecessary in medically assessing him, as our shipmates had already banded together in taking care of the situation. Despite paying an unfortunate trip to the Spanish Town Clinic, it was a fantastic example of teamwork. After braving the shoulder relocation, we returned on board to an overjoyed family of shipmates, a phenomenal sunset, and Feel Better Soon brownies. Today was ultimately a good reminder of things to be thankful for.