Location: Peter Island, BVI

The morning brought the crew of Argo something no one anticipated Sticky Buns. Thrust from our slumber, we ascended onto the deck to devour the delicious delicacies, but Mother Nature had something else in mind. Simultaneously as we snagged the buns, aerographic rain ramped off the nearby mountain and showered us with its condescending condensation. We buried ourselves inside of Argo, and after we finished, we made our way to our next stop in the BVIs, Peter Island. The plan was to do a wreck dive at an old wooden ship about 80 feet down but plans once again changed when the air compressor went on the fritz. 8 of us got a dinghy ride to some shallow reefs for some snorkeling action, and, my, what a great plan B it was. Close to shore, the reef was buzzing with schools of minnows. Every step you swam, these avalanches of fish would pour over from side to side in what looked almost like confetti dropping at the end of the Super Bowl. Besides these little guys, the reef was teeming with other specimens; Blue Hamlets, yellow-tailed damselfish, 4 eyed butterflyfish, and parrotfish peppered the shoreline. Upon our arrival back to the boat, some of us did backflips off of the bowsprit (sick) while others napped it up. By 6, we were stuffing our faces with pans upon pans of delicious pizza made from scratch. Now, the PSCTers are preparing for our 4-hour maritime law oral exam, speaking of which I need to get to so until next time Goodbye my friends.