Location: Underway

As Argo pushes on, watch team rotations are becoming more comfortable and familiar. Shipmates are filling their spare time with classes, the occasional motivation to study and squeezing in naps. Today after lunch everyone gathered in the saloon to watch an exciting movie on the life of Irving Johnson, a keystone figure who influenced much of the idea behind Seamester. Following the movie, students were treated to an exciting Marine Biology class, taught by the enthusiastic Matty Rob. During class, seeing as it was the last calm day of this passage, two staff members (Brit and myself) decided it would be a good time for a haircut. Leah busted out her clippers and before we knew it our heads were shaved. It is quite chilly to have a nearly bald head but very liberating! Deck showers then ensued before we all sat down to a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken. The excitement for the day was not over though. During dinner we received a visit from a tiny little bird who was obviously exhausted being so far out from land. Knowing that winds would soon pick up and that Diago (the bird) would have a slim chance of survival we made him a comfy home in a box which we put in one of the tenders. Watch team rotations will continue until Palma and we are all looking forward for some nice sailing as the winds pick up tonight and into tomorrow.

UPDATE- Diago made it through the weather and was released upon our arrival in Palma!

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