Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

7:10- Wake up call 7:30- Breakfast 8:00- 9:00- Boat prep 12:00- Lunch 12:00- 4:00- Patiently waiting for water maker part to arrive from Italian Fedex 6:30- Dinner 7:00- Clean up and start of watches

Wake ups started at 7:10 for everyone to eat breakfast in the cool, early Italian air. We started boat prep after breakfast clean up that consisted of getting sail covers removed, sheets run, everything 40/ 40, and engine checks. Argo waited patiently for a water maker part to arrive from the lackadaisical Italian FedEx that eventually arrived about 8 hours late. Gotta love Italians and how much they try to be on time. We had a short amount of free time to get last minute things for our passage to Palma, such as an extra few bottles of Coca Cola or more fishing line. We finally departed with everything ready at about 4:00. Passing through a straight of giant cruise liners, we opened up to the Tyrrhenian Sea and forward to Palma. A simple dinner and our three-hour watch shifts commenced into the moon- lit night.

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