Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

What’s up, it’s DJ Tony G,

Today we started our day off by getting off the dock and grabbing some coffee and snacks before getting into the taxi that took us up the mountain. When we got there, we were hype; in front of us was a huge rainforest that we had an opportunity to hike. We were lead by two awesome tour guides through the forest; they were full of joy and were geeking over our conversations. The rainforest was awesome, with views out of this world. It was somewhat rainy, so the animals weren’t out and about, but we did see some little creatures, lol. After the hike, we got some cold lemonade from the gift shop and hopped on the bus. The bus ride took us to a “private beach,” which was awesome. Since there were people all over the beach, we waited to start our beach games, and instead, we got food at a bar. After our meal, we began the games!

The Games were full of communication and leadership skills with “minimal contact.” One of the crewmates took an L when they were competitive over a water bottle that was involved with the game…..Get better soon. The beach games were a huge success; they had us breathing heavily and staying active. After the long day, we had supper and a good squeeze question, “what is one thing you can’t live without?” Some answers varied from things like air all the way to mac and cheese flamingo Chesapeake Bay light adventure center “…… k that was Dre spazzing out on the keyboard….. Jk jk. I think we ARE GOING CRAZY.

But hey family, I miss you so much can’t wait to see y’all. Hopefully, Meg’s bday was good. Also, to Dre’s family: he says, what’s up, and he misses you. To finish the night, we have some fish ID studying to do for our last test tomorrow!!!!!!!! LETS GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 🙂

Truly yours -Tony G aka Tony aka Gattoni

Photo 1: Very cool cool views

Pic 2: Cool shot of Katie going up the mtn

Pic 3: The squad geekin

Pic 4: Hannah smiling, but you can’t see her smile (::)

Pic:5 Colm actually smiling

Pic 6: Chuck throw’n up the 1’s

Pic 7: Me livin’ the dream 🙂

Pic 8: The whole squad before hiking