Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

Even though we were up late last night trying to fit in every last moment together, many of us also woke up VERY early this morning to wish our first student farewell. Jonas caught a taxi at 5 am to depart Argo, and our group began to shrink. At 7 am, many of us went over to Omar’s, a great little cafe and coffee shop right next to the dock, for a final breakfast together. The next several taxis carrying our students away leftover the next few hours, and by mid-morning, we were down to just a few left. The ones who were left were mostly being met by family, so their parents and siblings came onboard to get a feel for Argo before spiriting their kids away in more taxis and rental cars. We got to meet James’ dad, Claire’s family, Cole’s parents, and Ev’s mom- all of whom we had heard about during our trip. It was really special seeing the excitement all around as they toured our floating home. After the last student left, it was very quiet on board Argo, and the staff all had a very bittersweet feeling. We are happy our students are going back to different parts of the world to share what they have learned and how they have grown on Argo this semester, but we will also miss all 22 of them greatly. Though the peacefulness is nice, we will miss the energy, giggles, dance parties, studying, cooking, and everything else that this student crew brought with them this semester.

Pictured: some final goodbyes on the deck of Argo; a sunny view of West End; a final farewell view of Argo.

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