Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

Today started bright and beautiful but also a bit sad because we knew it was our last full day together as a crew on Argo. We had a delicious and hearty breakfast of fried eggs, sausage, and homemade bagels prepared by head chef Andrew and his team. After all the boat appreciation we had done yesterday, we knew that we were on our final stretch for getting Argo shiny and sparkling clean again. We did jobs like a soapy deck wash, scrubbing down ALL the surfaces down below, completing the packing and checking off student cabins, and of course, finishing our cards that we write to one another. Two nights ago, we were given the duty, and the privilege to write cards to everyone onboard to express our friendship, reminisce on fun memories, and just generally give parting words to all of our friends who became family over these last 90 days. These cards are extremely meaningful, and everyone has put a lot of effort into writing them for each other- needless to say, it has taken a lot of time and mental energy to write all of them. We finished all of our boat chores by 4 pm and had a couple of hours to explore, swim, and shower. I don’t think a single person left the boat though, we were all feeling the weight of our final hours together, and we didn’t want to miss one minute. By dinnertime, not only was Argo looking great, but our crew had transformed from a sweaty, dirty group to one with clean hair, shiny faces, and nice clothes; we were ready for our final dinner out and sign-out night.

We had a short taxi ride to a restaurant called Mulligans in Nanny Cay. It was a cool outdoor seating area, which was perfect for our large, excited group. Before we ate, we went to an adjacent field and stood in a tight circle for our final squeeze. Everyone had fond memories to share and nice words to say about one another and the experience as a whole. Every day we do our appreciation for the day and a squeeze question. Tonight the squeeze question, thought up by Oleg, was, “What is your appreciation for the whole trip?” Our last Caribbean night together was fun-filled, and Dana finally got her wish of a dance party as we danced well into the night. We reminisced on the journey we have shared, the challenges we have faced, and the triumphant feeling we now collectively share. I will be very sad to say my goodbyes tomorrow.

Pictured: two attempts at our human pyramid after dinner; our last group photo once we returned to Argo.