Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

As our time on Argo nears its end, we have to remember way back 88 days ago to what our home looked like when we first stepped on board. Although we tried the best we could to keep her looking spotless, Argo needed some severe deep cleaning. After a delicious breakfast of burritos and home fries, we geared up to get some work done. Rust busting the Laz (scrubbing off the rust from the under-deck storage compartment), cleaning the grey water tanks (everyone’s worst nightmare), deep cleaned both the fridge and the freezer (this involves getting inside of them), cleaning out all of our dive gear; BCD’s, weight belts, regulators and dive bags, rust busting the deck boxes and line lockers, removing the fisherman sail and flaked it extremely well (‘it really sucked’ -Natalie), and many more dirty jobs. Sadly by the end of the day, our bunks were emptied, and we threw all of our dirty clothes into our duffles; the forward cabins are now looking slightly less like 22 students took them over. Once the dirty jobs were over, we had some free time to enjoy the beautiful water for one of the last times. Backflips and front flips were attempted, and some were successful, others not so much. It felt like day one again, with no worry in the world, just some friends hanging around having a great time. Some more paperwork completing our dive certifications, as well as final grades and transcripts, were passed out. Our last dinner around the cockpit was a yummy teriyaki chicken with rice and veggies. The last squeeze question was, ‘At this time next week when you are home alone eating a bowl of cereal or freezing your butt off, what are you going to miss the most about Argo?’ As our second to last night came to an end, everyone was hanging around on deck taking in the beauty that is Argo and her crew.

Pictured: the rust busting Laz crew, Dan eating a spoon? And our last sunset from a mooring.