Location: Salt Island/Tortola

Greetings lads and lasses, wannabe seafarers, and swashbucklers alike. We had our final dive today at Salt Island. It was a wreck dive, and it was awesome. The chunks of the sunken steamship, the Rhone, were smothered in corals and fish, and we got to see a sizable shark, a ray, and a giant barracuda. You could see its sharp teeth as it watched you swim slowly by. It was a bittersweet ending for my dive group, the Homeless Turtles – James, Tait, Ben, Amy, and me (we even have a not-so-secret handshake). Besides that, the chefing team made great mac’n’cheese for lunch, and Amy, Dana, and Jackie were cooking up a surprise. After all the diving, we raised the anchor and yo-ho-ho’d away towards Tortola. During which we gave our oceanography group presentations, that we finished editing a few minutes beforehand. They went very well, sailor’s honor. Soon we dropped anchor and hung out until dinner, which included the surprise: a cake with Argo frosted on it and gummy sharks swimming in it. Very cute, very good. During clean up, Tait discovered we have a total of 13 forks left. We have more boys on this ship than forks. Anyway, the night isn’t over, as we are about to watch the trip video that Jackie filmed on her GoPro throughout these 87 days and had been busily editing all semester. So even as we near the very end, we still are as jolly as a roger. Make sure to stay on course.


Pictured: The Homeless Turtles doing their handshake underwater, the Argo surprise cake, watching trip footage that Lex took, and a pretty sunset in Tortola.