Location: Peter Island, BVI

Day 86 already! We started the day with some oatmeal prepared by chef Oleg, followed by a long day of diving! Most of us used this dive as our Peak Performance Buoyancy dive for our Advanced Open Water certification to practice obtaining perfect buoyancy underwater, so we don’t disturb the ecosystems we explore. While some were diving, others had free time to study for our final marine bio exam, swim to shore, take naps, and more.

We ate lunch and had some snickerdoodle cookies made by Natalie and Claire, followed by dinner and squeeze. Truths were revealed, as the squeeze question for today asked the crew to write an anonymous Argo confession and then read them aloud. Someone stole CJ’s snacks, another spilled fecal-drenched toilet paper on James without him knowing, and one of us takes joy in seeing others be seasick. At least we know the truth now! After dinner was the marine bio exam, and then many of us decided to play games or sleep and have an anchor watch.

It’s dawning on all of us that our time on Argo is limited. Thus we are all trying to appreciate this experience and one another as much as possible. We have all made some amazing memories and couldn’t ask for a better trip. Let’s enjoy these last four days!

Pictured: Jake and Ben decked out in the popular mask/snorkel combo for chopping onions in the galley; some coral we saw during the diving today; and the view of Argo from snorkeling to shore.

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