Location: BVI (Virgin Gorda, Baths, GHP)

Our last underway passage from Saba to BVI was marked by an undeniable bittersweet feeling. The thrill of sailing hadn’t faded on us, but the knowledge that the end of our grand adventure was approaching finally began to set in. Five full days are remaining, and our last country to visit, the clock was ticking down. Not to be dismayed by this information, the crew enjoyed an exciting day at the “Baths.” The Baths, a collection of basalt rocks ranging anywhere from a few feet tall to two stories tall, domineers over the weary traveler. To get to the Baths, the crew swam 100 meters from the boat onto the sandy, inviting shore. Soggy dollars and water bottles in hand, we scramble and bouldered over the massive boulders exploring the cavernous sections of the national park. Wading through a few tide pools, squeezing yourself between tiny crevices like a contortionist, and swimming through a crystal clear, Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-esque cave, we emerged onto a white sand beach. While we didn’t find any treasure there, the crashing waves provided unending enjoyment as we were jostled to and fro in the swell.

Saying goodbye to the Baths, we jumped back into the water and made our way back to the boat. Picking up anchor and motoring to Peter Island, the crew was witness to another mesmerizing Caribbean sunset. The cool, night breeze, and the sound of lapping waves on the boat lulled us to sleep. Deep sleep and sweet dreams readied us for four more action-packed days together.

Pictured: The Baths